Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Ocean Has a Shore

I can smell the ocean breeze- feel the sand on my feet- the moist wind is blowing my hair in my face as the water gushes over my ankles and I look out into the deep, wide blue. 

God is always speaking.  Just as the tide comes in and out...Sometimes I'm more in tune with Him than other times..When I've got a lot of heart and head clutter I don't always hear as clearly ...This song speaks to  how God teaches me things through the simple things in life..usually the same things over and over (it takes me awhile to get things)... They eventually drop from my head into my heart and that's where transformation takes place.  Also, how I compare myself with others who are way beyond me who seem to be effortlessly wading in deep waters...agreeing with the lie of comparison is a thief in my eyes and it robs us of many things... There are a lot of themes in this song...I hope it will speak to you or at least make you think of being on the beach watching seagulls and letting the water dance over your feet :)

You may click here to listen to song-

My ankles are covered with water
but I’d rather be submerged

Diving into places of depth
trying to find something of worth
It’s in this place I face my heart
here pride is shown and gratitude sparse


The ocean has a shore a deep and shallow end
where the tide comes in and goes out again

A simple, steady rhythm I don’t think much about
The ocean has a shore  x2

Here I stand

I’m splattering and shattering  
The views I used to hold close
How bigger is better than t
he simple things I’m being told
     It's in this place I face my heart
Where pride is shown and gratitude sparse


You’re quenching my thirst
with one or two little words
You're quenching my thirst
Oh I like it here
Your breath is near
Oh I like it here Oh I like.. the ocean has a shore



Swing the Door

There have been times lately where I've wanted to hide away and pray..lay down burdens, pray for others and listen to God.  I reach for the door knob to walk into my room and I think of 5 other things I wanted to do...and I do them...I get into my room and begin talking to the Lord and turn on my computer then do the other two things that come to mind...There is a battle that goes on...I continue to press through. This song came after reading a devotional from Oswald Chambers..My Utmost for His constantly speaks to my heart and challenges me. 

Swing the Door... song not finished yet. I figure if I start a post I will more likely to keep working on the song :)  Well..a month and a half later I did finish the song...Click here to listen..

Resistance is keeping me from your heart
Distraction’s enticing me  It’s not hard
Contending I finally made it out, out of the dark
Like a magnet I’m being pulled, p
ulled away

Swing the door wide open
Step inside
Close the door tight real tight

Submission is echoing from these 4 walls
Gradually one knee’s on the floor face in my hands
Wrestling I don’t have a chance no no chance

Like a magnet, I’m being pulled, pulled away

Swing the door wide open
Step outside
Close the door tight real tight

A dance is taking place
Three partners can’t occupy the same space anymore
So here I go
I’m choosing to