Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shallow--Inspired while in Uganda

...lots of them...
Children...playing them with passion and fervor
Singing that was coming from a deep place of gratitude, intimacy and love towards Heavenly Father
...left me speechless, in awe of God, and helped my heart connect with the lover of my soul in an inexpressible way... This song called Shallow came from worshipping with children in Uganda on a Friday night...the best Friday night of my life!!

Here's a link to some of the songs we sang with them along with Shallow...

Pearl of Africa

Map of UgandaUganda Africa...As I reflect on this missions trip, I was invited into a symphony of love.  God used many "instruments" to show me more about his love and heart for the nations of the world.

Intruments included-

The children-Selfless, full of love, still kids and awnry stealing my heart even more, and they worshipped God at a depth I have never seen nor experienced before...beautiful and humbling.
The mothers-Each one was a widow who cared for 4 boys and 4 girls.  They worked hard, cared deeply and had untold stories in their hearts I wish I could have heard.
My teammates-Honorable men and women who serve the Lord with passion.  I look up to them all and value each one of them and the ways they showed me how to love in greater measures...and they made me laugh daily!
The missionary couples-They have laid down the comforts most of us are used to and live sacrificial lives to serve at Restoration Gateway. They have testimonies of God's faithfulness in calling them to Uganda.  I wish you could have heard them share about how God made this orphanage a dream come true...His dream...vessels who said yes...and miracles still unfolding.  Check out their website...
Click here to see pictures and listen to the song Pearl of Africa

Can you imagine a childhood where mere survival is often a luxury few can afford? Where HIV, war and fear of being
abducted or killed are the norm?
Since the 1980s, AIDS and war have ravaged northern Uganda. A million have died from AIDS. 60,000 children have been abducted and forced to be soldiers or slaves in a war they did not want. [Read More]
The needs and wounds in Uganda are staggering.           

Only God can heal deep wounds, but He uses people like you and me to do it. Restoration Gateway exists to join Christ in restoring peace and healing wounds among the vulnerable children and war-torn people of Northern Uganda. 500 acres of land overlooking the Nile is being developed into a holistic, reproducible community through Orphan Care, Health Care, Empowerment and Ministry to the Church. You can help.