Sunday, December 16, 2012

Plumbline Girls Christmas Party and singing...

...Year number seven...We call ourselves The Plumbline Girls..we celebrate, we cry, we pray, we encourage, we do life together, we serve, and yes we SING... O Holy Night and what we pieced together from The Little Drummer Boy...  :)  Savored memories and fun! Pics taken on link below..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Can I Give You a Gift

A group of about 8 women were sitting around a table over lunch...our leader, Pam, was sharing about walking through the holidays and stresss that seems to be waiting to be put on us like a coat...but we can add our own stress as well.   The question was posed at the end as we were being reminded about the true meaning of Christmas and how to keep our gaze upon Christ.  What gift could we give God for Christmas??...the gift of forgiveness, choosing not to "do it all" and just taking more of the season in...taking more of Christ what came to my restless heart...I also think these are gifts we give to heart is more at peace because my heart is right with God, I'm not running around trying to do it all and that in turn affects my interactions with others. We'll see as Christmas is still 10 days away and I think of the list of things I think I need to do...maybe they'll all get done and maybe they won't~and that's ok.

To listen to the song, please click on the following link and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Can I Give You a Gift

Can I give you a gift
Can I give you a gift
Can I give you a gift this Christmas
How about the gift of forgiveness I have had enough of withholding love
I will lay that offense down, down, down
How about the gift of staying home
Saying no to all the seasons busyness
will lay my burdens down, down, down

The gift of simply saying I love youThe gift of time
to speak to this restless heart of mine