Friday, February 17, 2012

Painted Red

I've found I need to hear simple truths over and over because I just don't get it the first, second, or twentieth time...
The anecdote to anger is submission to God.
The anecdote to sadness and depression is hope in God...(that seems so simple or a pad answer but walking through it is not always easy..a surrendered heart...sometimes feels like it's getting ripped up but it's being -exposed-vulnerable-broken down- to be built up and restored...and I find beauty in that..hope in that. Hope in my heavenly father who is gentle and kind.  Wanting my heart to be right before a loving, merciful and Holy God...I continue to let go, ask for forgiveness, responding to that nudge when bitterness, frustration and disappointment rise up...I lay my heart before Jesus knowing my sins are painted red...A reason to praise today and everyday.
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There’s disappointment in your eyes
A loss of sparkle to your smile
Something’s bringing you down
Something’s bringing you down
You say you’ve got a broken heart
Been mad your whole world’s torn apart
Anger’s taking ground
Anger’s taking ground
     Maybe it’s time to let it go

It’s painted red- the finest shade
It’s painted red- for your sake
Love came the perfect sacrifice
It’s painted red-Jesus paid the price

There’s a burden on your back
When’s the last time you laughed
Something’s bringing you down
The load is getting heavier
You’re not meant to carry it alone
Sadness is taking ground
Anger’s still around
     Maybe it’s time to let it go

Repeat Chorus


Come to him Lay it down He forgives Be set free
Let your heart agree

Repeat Chorus