Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ice Cream Store

I had the priviledge of working with a group of senior citizens for 8 weeks teaching them about music, songwriting and doing a visual art project.  It was an amazing time! By the end of our time together my goal was to have them write a song as a group.  They wrote a song influenced by the idea and song form from Sound of Music's, My Favorite Things.  They wrote about their favorite joys, times at their assisted nursing facility and the last verse was their favorite ice cream flavors...which they created new names for. We were all laughing by the yummy and interesting titles they created. Sooo I thought it would be fun to write a song about an ice cream store with wacky flavors....
now the song needs a melody and a harmonica ditty to go along with it!

Now if I had an ice cream store

I’d make the most unusual

Flavors that would make you smile

Or make your eyebrows really wild…how about


Pumpkin pumpernickel, heavenly popsicle

Sweet and sour tasty, mud slide candy

Or blue strawberry kiwi pie

Chocolate cherry cupcake, fruity tutti gumdrop

Tangerine tornado, lemon lime potato chip mm

Or triple brownie moo moo delight oh my


Now I would have some wacky hours

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner

Anytime of the day it’s great

Instead of coffee or steak you can replace them with


Peanut butter mush mush, rainy day squish squish

Licorice disaster, chimechanga have ta

or mocha chocolate mousse mm

Rapunzel razzle dazzle, princess pineapple

Raspberry brain freeze, hamburger tomato beet-seriously it’s a treat

or blast of berry fusion


Eat and savor a bite at a time

Or mix them together let your taste buds take a ride oh


Octopus gummy worms, red hot topsy turvy

Screaming peppermint ice, death by chocolate think twice

or orange grape lemonade

Rock n roll banana split, walnut pecan jelly twist

Caramel popcorn crunch, barbeque fruit punch- how about that for lunch there’s more

Butterscotch sunshine, zebra cheesecake bite

Fudge fudge happy heart, dreamy fluffy coconut

Battle star galactica, super snickers awesome treat

Finally mama’s secret cinnamon streusel

Gotta love ice cream!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Grocery Bag...a song about just wanting to be available to give away God's love...  song to come once I get an application on my computer to convert my digital recordings... :)  It's a little folky tune that was inspired after listening to a singer/songwriter who writes for the Canadian tv program Heartland...Matthew Barber...One Little Piece of My Heart..

There’s got to be someone who needs a touch
a touch of love today
My eyes are open I’m looking around
for someone who might be down
for someone whose head is down

I see someone who needs a touch
a touch of love today
She is standing in front of me in this line
I heard her make a sigh
Then tears ran from her eyes

Prayed and asked what should I do
Lord what should I do
She was looking for money in her purse
She began to curse
Oh it got worse and worse

My heart was moved I’ve been there before
I’ve been there before
I paid her bill she cried, “thank you ma’am
wish I could pay you back”
No no need let me give you a hand
please let me carry your grocery bag