Sunday, October 6, 2013

Grocery Bag...a song about just wanting to be available to give away God's love...  song to come once I get an application on my computer to convert my digital recordings... :)  It's a little folky tune that was inspired after listening to a singer/songwriter who writes for the Canadian tv program Heartland...Matthew Barber...One Little Piece of My Heart..

There’s got to be someone who needs a touch
a touch of love today
My eyes are open I’m looking around
for someone who might be down
for someone whose head is down

I see someone who needs a touch
a touch of love today
She is standing in front of me in this line
I heard her make a sigh
Then tears ran from her eyes

Prayed and asked what should I do
Lord what should I do
She was looking for money in her purse
She began to curse
Oh it got worse and worse

My heart was moved I’ve been there before
I’ve been there before
I paid her bill she cried, “thank you ma’am
wish I could pay you back”
No no need let me give you a hand
please let me carry your grocery bag

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