Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This song  just came while I was doing some morning writing time.  We all have times that we reflect on...perhaps regrets, mistakes, times we failed and how we grew from them.  I think about times I kept doing the same things over and over expecting different results=insanity.  When we see others going down paths that are harmful it's easy to want to judge or rescue when sometimes people need to hit rock bottom and take personal responsibility...sometimes it is appropriate to intervene...This song speaks to reflecting and having gratitude that God uses everything in our lives for our good and His glory.  I also know that I am just a step away from falling backwards to where I used to be and pondering those places makes me press forward, get counsel, and give much thanks!!


Like a square that is trying to fit into a triangle sized hole
Ooo no
Like a foot that is trying to fit into a glove not a shoe
Whoa wrong thing to do
If you try to use a hammer to cut down a tree believe me
You'll stand there for many, many years
If you want to get to shore you will have to ride on a boat not a bike
I am just making observations about choices in life

I am looking at you but seeing me
I am looking at you and pondering

Even with 20/20 vision things can get blurred
From the messages of this crazy, crazy world
There is a narrow road that leads to life
The path of destruction is right by its side
The path of destruction is right by its side

Repeat Chorus

I could have avoided many mistakes
if I would have stopped filling the ache in my heart

God still needs to fill my heart
Everyday is a new start

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